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Introduce subscription billing to your healthcare, fitness or wellbeing company and automatically stay on top of your customers needs.
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Repeat billing for vital services

Subscription billing has been a popular business model in the fitness industry for many years. In recent years, the healthcare and wellbeing industries have also taken on subscriptions as an easy route for their customers and patients to access vital care such as medicine and consultations.

The right subscription billing software should help healthcare, fitness and wellbeing businesses get set up with new subscription products quickly. They should also have the tools to pro-actively remind customers of their on-going treatments and services.

Top features for healthcare, fitness & wellbeing companies

Customer portals
Checkout and subscription management added to your site in minutes.
Advanced billing options
Everything you need to create bespoke subscriptions for your customer’s needs.
Zapier integration
Connect your billing solution to over 5,000 other applications.
Usage billing
Subscriptions that can track service usage and bill for it automatically.
Email automation
Send customers reminders about their prescriptions and consulations.
Feature tags
Handle service access by immediately identifying which plan a customer is on.

Why Billsby?

With Billsby, healthcare, fitness & wellbeing companies can set up new subscription products quickly and rely on us to pro-actively remind customers of vital services.



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