Products, plans and cycles
Billsby's unique subscription hierarchy will keep your business organised and give you the solid foundations you need to grow and expand.
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A product is essentially a group of plans your customer will choose to subscribe to. Products determine the currency your customers are charged in, and what information is collected from them during sign up.

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A plan is the service or package your customer chooses to subscribe to. Plans define what pricing structure is used when charging your customers and what features they have access to.

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A cycle stipulates the billing frequency and amount a customer pays you. Cycles also determine your advanced billing options and what date a customer is billed on. Plans can have multiple cycles, and you can even offer cycle based discounts to promote lengthier service periods.

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All the pricing models you need

Flat fee
The same flat fee is charged to everyone subscribing to the plan.
Per unit
A price is set for one unit and the customer chooses how many units to subscribe to.
Per unit, but the more units the customer subscribes to, the cheaper the unit gets.
Volume, but with varied quantity discounts so you don't lose out.
Fixed pricing, but determined by the quantity of units a customer chooses.
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What you need to grow and expand

To grow and expand, you need to build a solid foundation by keeping all your subscription options organised. With Billsby's unique plan hierarchy, you can stay in control.

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