Dive deep with reporting and insights for your business.

Your Billsby Dashboard collates all of the facts, figures and information you need to run your subscription business in one place - so you can always keep on top of what's going on and how it'll impact your company.

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Whatever's happening in your business, there's a report for it

Our growing library of reports help keep everyone in your company in the loop, so whatever's happening, you'll be able to get the data and insight you need to understand it, and figure out the next steps.


Activity summary

Tax summary

Checkout and self-service

Exit reasons

Keep everyone informed with the Billsby Briefing.

Every day, all the teammates on your account will receive the Billsby Briefing - it'll tell them everything they need to know about how your business performed overnight. So you'll have less questions about performance, and more time to get the job done.

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The activity summary gives you all your numbers in one report.

Full sales, tax and discounting data

Understand all the figures you need to see business performance at a glance, including month-to-date data.

Support for reversals and write-offs

See the full story - not just the positive aspects of your performance - with data on negative transactions, too.

Run at any time and export to CSV

Get the data where you need it most with instant exports and real time updates of all your key numbers.

The tax summary collects your sales tax data the world over.

All your tax data in one place

If you trade over the world, you probably use multiple sales tax solutions in your Billsby account. This report collates all that information together.

You pick the reporting period

Match the reporting period to the timescale you're completing forms about, or get summary data for internal reports.

Split by country or jurisdiction

You decide the level of granularity you'd like to see your tax data displayed in. We can show you whole countries, or individual tax zones. It's up to you.

With our exit reasons report, demystify your churn.

Track as many exit reasons as you want

Create the categories that make sense for your product, and we'll ask customers why they left using our built-in retention tools.

Collect verbatim comments

A category alone doesn't tell you much - so verbatim comments help you dive deeper into customers reasons for leaving.

Export to other tools

Want to perform sentiment analysis, collate exit reasons in a database or just take a backup? Export to CSV at any time.

Share data and insights with everyone on your team.

Every Billsby account includes unlimited teammates - which means everyone that needs access to the Billsby Dashboard and our reporting features can have it at no extra cost to your company.

No more manually collating reports and statistics - let everyone self-serve and get the data, insights and reporting they need instantly.