Sales tax and compliance

Simplifying global legal and regulatory compliance and ensuring you always charge the right tax rate

Tax compliance is incredibly complicated – but we help make it easy

In the United States, local and county taxes mean that a person on one side of the street might pay a completely different rate to a person across the road. And in Canada, taxes vary from province to province. With some of the most complex sales tax rules in the world, you don’t want to check you’re compliant on your own. That’s why Billsby is integrated with TaxJar, who can calculate and even file your taxes for you, so that you don’t have to – and help you understand all of the nexus rules that determine whether you need to charge sales tax at all.

Find out more about TaxJar on their website

Sales tax in the United States 

With more than 10,000 sales tax rates and different rules in each of the states, the United States has the most complex sales tax rules in the world. Here’s how Billsby makes it easy.

Remove your EU VAT headaches with full compliance 

In Europe, you’re required to remit taxes to lots of different countries at different rates – and collect and validate VAT numbers if customers are exempted from paying tax because you’re dealing with them on a B2B basis.
Billsby can collect and validate VAT numbers, generate VAT compliant invoices and credit notes, and report on how much VAT you owe to different countries. EU VAT headaches? A thing of the past.

We have the same level of support for India, Australia and New Zealand, too.

Go global with support for custom tax rates worldwide

Thankfully, the rest of the world isn’t as complicated as the US, Canada, EU, Australia, New Zealand and India – but Billsby supports custom tax rates worldwide, so you can define what you’d like to charge in tax for each country where you do business, and we’ll keep track of what you owe.

Plus, our product team are always monitoring developing regulatory frameworks, and identifying opportunities to simplify tax processing for you in the future elsewhere in the world, too.