Invoices, credit notes and emails

Our advanced invoices, credit notes and emails help you to sell more services and reduce chargebacks and involuntary churn

Invoices that help your customers stick around

The monthly invoice that you send to your customers is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal, and Billsby helps you to realise its full potential. When customers open a Billsby invoice, they don’t just see a PDF. Instead, they get a full experience that helps them to understand their invoice, contact your team and even resolve payment issues. 

Advanced invoices

See how Billsby has revitalised the 7,000 year old invoice into a tool that helps improve customer engagement and reduce churn


When payments fail, churn reduction tools spring into action

The invoice sidebar updates if a customers payment failed, giving them the option to instantly reattempt a payment with the same card, update their account with a new payment method or reach out to your payments team to resolve the issue with their account.
We even proactively monitor soon to expire cards, and encourage your customers to update them before they stop working, reducing the impact of involuntary churn on your business.
And with average involuntary churn topping 1.8%, making it easier for your customers to deal with failed payments could be a massive contributor to the success of your business – an improvement of just 50% can save your business a fortune.

Credit notes to keep things compliant

Other billing software produces negative invoices when you issue a refund or credit, but not Billsby. We produce credit notes and sync them accordingly with our accounting integrations, ensuring that we reverse out any tax calculations too, keeping your books up-to-date.

Plus, customers see custom content for credit notes in the sidebar, helping them to keep track of their refund, and explaining where they should direct any questions – helping you to lower your chargeback rates.