Dunning and retention

Other billing platforms help your customers cancel - we help them stay

Advanced dunning journeys

When a payment fails, our advanced dunning tools help you to reduce churn and recover lost revenue – and you can configure every step and reattempt along the way.

You can choose when you want to prompt customers if a payment fails, and how many reattempts you give them before cancelling the subscription. If the subscription is cancelled, you’ll also be able to choose when you want to write off the invoice.

Dunning and revenue recovery

See how advanced dunning tools let you recover more of your revenue – and keep accounts up-to-date throughout the dunning process

Subscription billing customers leave, but we give them options to stay

Subscription billing customers leave, it’s an unfortunate and frustrating fact. But our advanced retention tools help explain why your customers are leaving and give them options to stay:

  • Get customer leaving data with exit reporting 
  • Showcase alternative plans when a customer attempts to cancel
  • Offer discounts and promotions to customers who are thinking of leaving
  • Provide help and support 
  • Enforce minimum terms 

The best part? All of these features are available with no development using our drop in code.


Discover how to keep your customers on-board with advanced retention tools