Create a membership site and accept recurring payments with the Billsby WordPress plugin

The Billsby WordPress plugin lets you add subscription billing to your site and handles all the technical stuff - checkout and account management pages, recurring billing, content locking and compliance.

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Checkout and account management built into your WordPress site.

Everything happens on your website

Customers can subscribe, create their account and even manage and update their details without ever leaving your website. You'll be in control of the whole experience and it'll all be in your brand thanks to our checkout and account management modules.

Perfectly integrated with WordPress

Our plugin meets all of the WordPress best practices and security standards, and is released under the GPL license and available on the WordPress plugin directory - so you know that you can be confident in using our plugin to manage your subscriptions.


Synchronize customer data between WordPress and Billsby.

Keep everything in sync

We'll synchronize your customers name and email address between WordPress and Billsby - so if you change their details in one place, it'll be changed everywhere. We'll also synchronize their plan and feature tags into WordPress for you, so you can see them in one place.

Automatically handle non-payment

Thanks to our dunning engine we'll automatically handle cancelling subscriptions in WordPress when your customers don't pay their bills, so they won't have access to content and services that they haven't paid for. It's quick and simple.

Lock whole pages, or just specific sections

Keep everything in sync

It's entirely up to you how locked down you make your membership site. You can lock whole pages away behind the paywall, or just restrict access to certain sections of pages and posts from your WordPress website using our simple-to-use shortcodes.

Create unlimited complex access conditions

Because access control is powered by feature tags you can create really complex access control rules if you want - only showing certain content to users with multiple feature tags, or showing content to users in the absence of feature tags. You've got complete control.


Safe and secure with full PCI-DDS compliance as standard

If you create your own subscription management, or download a plugin that's doing the hard work on your server rather than externally, it might be harder for you to comply with the laws governing transactions-like PCI-DSS or local tax rules. Billsby handles all that hard stuff for you, so you can rest assured that your customers will have a great experience-that's also completely legally compliant and keeps you safe.

Get up and running in a matter of minutes.

We've built the Billsby WordPress plugin with simple setup front of mind. Just follow the steps in your WordPress control panel and you can be up and running with subscription billing and account management in a matter of minutes - no complex implementation delays.

Spend less time integrating systems and services.

You'll never have to worry about payment gateway integrations again - and your business will even have the flexibility to switch gateways at any time with no impact on you or your development cycle - it only takes a click to immediately start billing through an alternate provider.

Explore away, there's no credit card required

We know that sometimes the best way to evaluate a solution is to try it for yourself, so we've made sure that signing up doesn't require a credit card, and our onboarding team are standing by to help with any questions.