Immediately identify subscription features
With feature tags, you'll always know what your customers have access too and where they should be without needing to know what plan they're on.
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Link features to your plans

You can create and assign feature tags at plan level, so that different customers who are subscribed to the same plan automatically have access to the same bunch of features.

Offer extra features with add-ons

Add-ons are a great way to sell additional features to your customers. With Billsby, you can create and assign feature tags to your add-ons, so you don’t have to keep track of who’s added what to their subscription.

Make ad hoc subscription changes

Sometimes customers need access to features that aren’t included in their subscription. Whether it’s for a promo event, as a retention tool or for another reason, we let you add feature tags at subscription level.


Feature tag solutions

Gym memberships
With a gym membership, you might want to offer spa access at an extra cost.
Gaming apps
With a gaming app, you might want to offer an ad-free experience at an extra cost.
Streaming services
With a streaming service, you might want to sell additional logins at an extra cost.

Why are our feature tags essential?

Feature tags allow you to identify exactly what features your customer should have access to, without any manual effort.


Impromptu promotional events

Want to promote a new feature by giving customers short term access to it? With Billsby, you can do this by making ad hoc changes to feature tags.

Changes with zero tech effort


Permissions control


Immediate feature identification

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