Customize your brand identity

Keep customers in your website and engaged with your brand whilst they purchase and manage their subscription.

Your colors and logo for a completely custom experience

Billsby helps you keep your brand front-and-center with custom branding options that let you upload your logo, choose your brand colors and instantly transform everything we send to your customers, including:
  • Emails
  • Invoices
  • Checkout pages
  • Account management tools
We’ve made it really easy to set your brand palette up and change it whenever you need to, because we use the same brand settings across all of the different areas of Billsby – no need to configure your brand identity multiple times over.

Send emails and invoices from your address.

When we send emails and invoices, we can send them from your email address, and route replies back to your service team too – so that customers receive correspondence from an email address that they already trust.

Plus, because we still handle sending the emails – rather than passing them off to your IMAP server – you’ll get open and click tracking on all of the emails we sent. Great when your customer service team wants to confirm one of your users received their invoice on time.

Advanced email templates

Every invoice, welcome email or payment reminder you send is an opportunity to market your other products and services, update your customers on what’s new and remind your users of why they subscribed.

Our advanced email templates include customizable text elements, advertising space for you to promote new products and services and areas for you to share service announcements and important updates from your brand. Plus, you can tweak the messaging depending on the email that’s being sent out.

We send emails every time:

  • A new user signs up
  • A users trial is coming to an end
  • A user has a new invoice
  • A users renewal is coming up
  • A users card has expired 
  • A user cancelled their account
  • A user pauses their subscription

You can even turn off specific emails if you don’t want to send them, or turn them all off and send your own.

Let us show you how Billsby will look in your brand

Our Billsby experts can customize your demo to sshow you how everything will look with your brand identity, so you can understand how easily you can integrate Billsby into your product – without sending customers away to a confusing third party portal.