Automatically bill for what customers use
With Billsby you can track what customers use, then bill them for it automatically using our metered allowances.
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Metered allowances

Metered allowances can help you keep track of what features your customers are using, and bill them for it using the same pricing models as your plans.


Cap overage

You can tell us to apply an overage cap to your allowance, and we'll make sure customers aren't billed for any excess usage.

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Forced with selected plans


Revenue share billing

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Real-time usage updates

Real-time usage updates

Unlike other billing systems, Billsby tracks usages automatically and sends real-time usage updates to our API.

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Real-time usage updates
Manual usage adjustments

Manual usage adjustments

As well as automatic usage tracking, Billsby supports manual usage updates at subscription level for those times where you need to step in and offer customers more units, or make a change for an individual billing cycle.

Manual usage adjustments
Subscription management

Automated feature management

Struggling to keep track of which customers are subscribed to what features? With Billsby feature tags, you can immediately identify what a customer should have access to and where they should be.

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