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Our free monthly recurring revenue calculator helps you measure the growth of your SaaS business

  • Calculate your MRR with our free monthly recurring revenue calculator
  • Compare different churn rates to see how effective churn management will improve your business
  • Use your current metrics or experiment to see how you could grow your business faster
  • Predict your businesses future revenue
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Current MRR

The amount of recurring revenue you made this month.

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On average, how much new recurring revenue do you add to your business each month?

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Our top tips on ways to

Have a retention journey
When customers try to cancel, understand why they’re leaving and see what you can do to help retain their business. Maybe they just need help understanding your product, or are actually looking for a discount?
Understand who your customers are
Segment your customers by how valuable they are to your business so you can keep track of your highest value customers and ensure they are retained.
Don't lose track of payments
A good automatic dunning tool is a key part of your payments strategy – helping you to avoid losing customers to an expired credit card or a mistyped address.
Upsell your existing base
Create new products and plans that offer differentiated features – and use a tool to track which features customers can access so you can upsell customers, increasing revenue without going after new people.
Have great customer service
When something goes wrong, make sure you’re there to help. Integrate your subscription billing service with your customer service tools to help your agents provide the best possible support.
Re-engage around every corner
Take advantage of the emails you send customers to re-engage them around new features, the advantages of your product and how you can help. Remind them why the signed up in the first place.

By analyzing how your business is performing and calculating the projected revenue of your business, you’ll be able to see how you can make your startup grow faster and make informed business decisions.

MRR stands for Monthly Recurring Revenue. It’s the amount of money your business makes each month from recurring billing revenue. MRR for a subscription business is calculated by adding up the recurring revenue from each customer for a month. You shouldn’t include any one-time charges, setup fees or overage. For example If one customer pays $50 per month and a second pays $100 per month, your MRR is $150 ($50 + $100). If one customer pays $240 per year and a second pays $10 per month, your MRR is $30 (($240 / 12) + $10). Subscription billing tools like Billsby can calculate your MRR for you.