Chargeback calculator

Our free chargeback calculator helps you understand the impact of chargebacks on the revenue of your subscription business

  • Calculate how much you lose to both refunds and chargeback fees
  • Account for refunds provided by your payment gateway when you win
  • Include the human cost of chargebacks to understand the total impact on your revenue
  • See how much revenue you lose to chargebacks each month

Our top tips on ways to

Making charges immediately apparent to customers
We’ll show you how you can make charges immediately apparent to your customers, so they’re less likely to issue a chargeback because they don’t recognize the charge.
Providing service at the point of invoicing
We’ll explain how you can improve your customer service with simple, quick steps that will reduce the rate of chargebacks within your subscription business.
Picking your battles
We’ll explain when you should just issue a refund to avoid a chargeback, and share the chargeback fees of the most popular payment gateways.