Billsby works with your customer service tools

Speed up resolution time and make helping your customers quicker and easier than ever before

Everything your support agents need in one place

It doesn’t matter how good your product is if you can’t provide great service to back it up. And increasingly, providing great service requires brilliant tools. There’s nothing more frustrating for hard working support people than having to tab between multiple tools, constantly searching for customers across systems to deliver great support – and it’s frustrating for your bottom line, too.

Billsby support integrations change that. Our support sidebar is dynamic, smart and pulls in all the information agents need to help customers, including:

  • Direct access to customer details
  • Full visibility of subscription details and status
  • Proactive warnings of issues on the customer’s account, like expired payment cards
  • One click access to common tools and functionality

We work directly with support software vendors to create brilliant bespoke integrations that match the look-and-feel of the software you use, and include as much functionality as your chosen platform allows. We’re currently planning support integrations for the most popular helpdesk software out there, including:

Help customers to self-serve with advanced chat integrations

Of course, the only thing better than an efficient service experience is self-service, and we know that for routine requests like checking recent invoices or changing payment cards, there’s often no longer any need for human involvement.

Our chat integrations can help customers complete common requests on their own, and can be integrated into chatbot flows, or made available as actions. We’re currently planning chat integrations for the most popular chat software, including Intercom and Drift.

Make smarter support decisions with Billsby Value Score

When tickets are backed up and you’re facing a queue, it can be difficult to figure out who to deal with first. Do you just handle tickets in the order they come in, or do you prioritize your VIPs?

Billsby Value Score can help you identify which customers are worth the most money to your business, and handle their queries first, by synchronizing scores as new queries come in – helping you to retain the customers that matter the most to your business.

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