API and webhooks

With Billsby's advanced subscription billing API,
if you can imagine it, you can build it

Design your own solutions

Billsby is designed to reduce your reliance on expensive custom development – so we do a lot for you – like send out emails, provide well designed checkout embeds and help your customers to self-serve with account management tools. This is the quickest way to get your subscription business started, and makes Billsby incredibly easy to integrate.

But you also want your subscription management software to grow with you and as your business grows, you can use the Billsby API and web hooks to swap out our included functionality for bespoke implementations of your own, for example:

  • Turn off emails, and turn on web hooks to send your own custom emails or push notifications to customers instead for events like invoicing and payment failures
  • Stop using our account management tools and build your own, or integrate them into your CRM and call center systems
  •  Build custom triggers in your own systems – like cancelling a customers access to a site when their membership lapses

Bring subscription data into the real world

We love working with digital businesses, but we know for some companies, you also need to bring your subscription data into the real world. Feature tags are great for this – you can assign feature tags to different plans, and then use our API to check if a customer has a feature tag in real time.

This makes it incredibly simple to do things like provision membership cards that open doors, validate access codes and check permissions – whether virtually or physically.

Integrate with anything

There’s no limits to what you can do with our API – and because we include all of our API features for all customers, with unlimited utilization, you can integrate Billsby with anything you can imagine.

And if you need help, we’ve got dedicated support representatives for developers, and access to our online development community is included with your account.

Code-free integrations

If you don’t know what an API is, don’t worry. Our code-free integrations powered by plan actions and Zapier let you integrate thousands of tools and applications, without needing to write a single line of code.

Then, as your business grows, use the API to add even more advanced functionality.

Bring data from elsewhere into Billsby to get a total view of the customer

Our API works both ways – so you can use information you collect elsewhere to update the customers record in Billsby. For example, when a customer changes their personal details by phoning in and you update them in your CRM, you can pass those changes through to Billsby instantly – so your customer service agent only has to change things in one place. Update details like customer details, subscription details, custom fields, coupons and discounts and plans and add-ons.

You can even add events to your customers subscription event log through our API – building a complete view of everything the customer has done across all of your tools, products and services.

Our power user promise – if you can do it in the app, you can do it with the API

When we build new features for Billsby, we build them into our API first – so if you can do something in the Billsby application, chances are, you can do it with our API too. This means that for power users and developers, there are endless possibilities for subscription creation and management.

And because we want to make sure exploring our API is as easy as possible, we’re always updating our documentation, too.