Advanced billing options

Offer free trials, charge setup fees and enforce minimum terms

Handle free trials like a pro

Free trials are an incredibly effective way of selling your product – letting people try before they buy, and then automatically renewing when they’re ready to go ahead. Billsby has advanced trial management to help you grow your business.

  • Define free trials of various lengths depending on the plan and cycle selected
  • Empower your sales team to extend free trials with one click
  • Send automatic trial reminder emails so customers don’t forget when their trial is ending, reducing the risk of chargebacks and complaints
  • Use plan actions to setup email campaigns, automate CRM actions and manage communications with trial customers

Charge setup fees without any hassle

Whether it’s an engineer visit to get things setup, an induction to explain how everything works or a piece of hardware that needs to be paid for and sent out when the subscription starts, it’s often necessary to collect an upfront payment alongside your subscription fees.

With Billsby, setup fees can be automatically applied to the first paid invoice – and you can combine free trials and setup fees too, deferring the setup fee until the free trial has ended.

Enforce contracts and minimum terms

If your product comes with a minimum term, Billsby can enforce it – blocking attempts to cancel the plan through our self-service tools and through the API, so you can advise customers they’ll need to cancel later, or pay a termination fee, if they’d like to end their plan early.

But because we’ve built Billsby with experience of customer service in mind, we’ve also made it possible for your service teams to override contracts in the control panel when they need to.