Coupon codes and discounts

Stimulate sales, increase retention and boost profits with our advanced coupons and promotions engine

Stimulate sales with advanced coupon codes

Coupon codes and offers help drive increased sales, deliver more customers and even track the source of your sales if you’re advertising your subscription product through podcasts or out-of-home media. Our advanced coupon engine can help deliver great promotions, like:

  • Fixed amount discounts ($5.00 off) or percentage based offers (20% off)
  • Apply discounts to the whole subscription or just select elements
  • Allow customers to stack discounts, or define discounts that can’t be combined
  • Decide how long the discount lasts before it expires

Control costs with complex offer management

You don’t want a campaign to run over-budget, so you can generate bulk coupon codes that are only good for a limited number of uses, bulk download single use coupon codes for leaflets or email campaigns or even generate single use coupons with our API and then auto-apply them in Billsby Checkout.

Plus, you’ll see reporting on which coupons are used and how many times in the Billsby Control Panel – great if you need to pay per sign-up for advertising campaigns, or monitor the effectiveness of campaign spend.

Offer the right discounts at the right time to retain customers

Our discounting system is built into our retention tools too, so when customers try to cancel, you can win them back with different offers and promotions depending on their Billsby Value Score – helping you to retain value in your business.