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Incredibly product creation

Not just plans – products, plans and cycles

By allowing you to group your plans into products, it’s easier to let your subscribers change from one plan to another, and cycles mean subscribers can change how often they pay without the system thinking they’ve moved to a whole new plan.

Bill however often you’d like

Move beyond monthly subscriptions with plans that bill on your schedule, billed in days, weeks, months or years. Want a 7 day free trial and then billing every 13 days? We can do that.

Free trials, setup fees, contract terms
Give subscribers free trials, charge a setup fee when customers sign up for the first time or set a contract term – so subscribers can’t cancel until they’ve completed the minimum term.
Fixed or flexible billing dates with pro-rating
Want to charge customers on the anniversary of when they signed up? Absolutely. Want to charge them all on the 15th of each month? Sure. And with pro-rating, when a customer signs up mid-cycle we can calculate exactly the right charge.
Advanced feature

Metered allowances made easy

If you need to charge your customers in arrears for usage in a previous period, you need allowances. Whether you're charging for every unit used or just for overage, Billsby makes managing metered allowances easy.

Either update usage via the API, use Zapier to connect business tools to update usage or manually add usage by logging in.

Then, we'll automatically charge the customer at the end of the cycle, reset their usage back to zero and get ready to do it all again next time. Simple.

Only with Billsby

Manage customer permissions with feature tags

Using feature tags, you can associate each of your plans with specific services - so, for example, one gym membership includes 'spa' and 'pool', and another includes 'weightsroom'.

Then, query our API at any time to get an array of features available to the customer across all of their subscriptions - and use this data to power access control. It's incredibly powerful.

Simple scaled and unit pricing
Want to charge per unit, by volume, range of usage or in tiers? We’ve got you covered with advanced billing options fully supported. 
Create unlimited add-ons and allowances
Add-ons and allowances make your plans more flexible. Create optional add-ons that you can upsell to customers to generate more revenue, or force bundle add-ons and allowances with certain plans to create bundles.

Just like plans, you can assign feature tags to add-ons so that customers profiles can be updated for access control.

Promote your plans with coupon codes and discounts
Coupon codes and offers help drive increased sales, deliver more customers and even track the source of your sales if you’re advertising your subscription product through podcasts or out-of-home media.
Create whatever discounts you need, apply them to plans automatically or provide coupon codes, monitor and limit the use of coupons to help monitor your costs and offer retention discounts to maintain customers.

Make the experience yours with branding

Your brand, front and center

Across invoices, emails, checkout and account management, you can easily configure Billsby with your logo and brand colours, so that customers don’t feel like they’re being redirected to a third party website.

We’ll use the words you use

If you call your plans memberships, or your units sessions, you can tell us the words you use and then we’ll customise our taxonomy to suit your business. Whatever you call things, we’ll follow suit.

Direct customers to the right place
When customers have a question about their invoice, you can link them to the right support, contact details or phone numbers. And when they reply to an email we send, we’ll always forward it to you – rather than it ending up in no-mans land.
Only with Billsby

Advertisements give you an opportunity to make more sales

Advertising slots on every invoice and email that you send to customers let you promote additional products and services to increase revenue. You can even customise the advert you send depending on which email you're sending, or the status of the customers account.

For example, when a customer signs up for a free trial, help them to get the ball rolling with an advertisement for your getting started guide.

We won’t tell if you don’t
If it’s important to your business that customers don’t see any third party brands, we understand. With our white label add-on, all references to Billsby will be removed from your emails, invoices, checkout and account management tools. It’s as if we never existed.

Get subscribers with tools

Advanced feature

Go pro and deliver whatever you can imagine with our card tokeniser

Want to design your own bespoke checkout journey, but don't want to worry about storing card details in a PCI DSS compliant manner? We hear you. That's why we created the card tokenizer.

Just drop in our card number and CVV fields, and we’ll securely add cards to the Billsby Vault for you as you collect them within your custom page – without them ever touching your server.

Give your design team complete flexibility, enable your marketing team to run A/B tests, upsell add-ons and extra services or collect cards at the start of a free trial ready for billing later.

Get started quickly with Billsby Checkout

Embed Billsby Checkout into your website, and you’ll have a full checkout experience for your subscriptions in seconds – that’s PCI DSS compliant, can calculate taxes all over the world and supports your own tracking pixels to track conversion. There’s no development required.

Take your pick of payment options

Customers want flexibility in how they pay, so you can bring along your choice of payment gateway. Even better, you can specify specific gateways for different currencies or card types – saving you money. So if one payment gateway offers you better fees on Visa and Mastercard, but another is cheaper for American Express – our smart routing can ensure you always pay the lowest transaction fees.

And if your regular gateway is down? Specify backup gateways for increased resilience to ensure you always get paid on time.

Global tax compliance made simple

In the US and Canada, Billsby is integrated with TaxJar to calculate and remit taxes, or you can use our tax calculation engine to do the calculations for you. Globally, you can configure custom tax rates, collect tax IDs, check exemption status and more.

It’s taxation, but it’s not taxing.

Invoices and credit notes aren’t the same thing

We know that invoices and credit notes aren’t the same thing – and there’s no such thing as a ‘negative invoice‘. When you issue a refund in Billsby, we’ll issue a credit note for it, and sync things correctly in to your accounting software.

This feature will please your CFO.

Collect extra data with custom fields

You can create as many custom fields as you’d like for each of your subscriptions to collect the data you need to do business effectively – whether you’re a gym and need to understand your clients fitness goals, a software company that wants to know which language your clients speak or a children’s education provider that needs to know about medical information and allergies. We can collect all kinds of data.

Pass through data to reduce friction
There’s nothing customers hate more than being asked the same question twice – so if you’re using Billsby Checkout, you can pass through all of the data you know about your customer, including custom fields, when you pass them to the Billsby Checkout. Then, we’ll hide all of the irrelevant fields for them, speeding up the checkout process.
Or, if you’re using your own checkout, you can pass all of the customer data through using our API.
Custom fields can also be used for tracking values like referral channels, sales people and other internal values against each subscription.
PCI DSS compliance

Store card data in the Billsby Vault

All of your customers cards are securely stored and tokenized in the Billsby Vault, a PCI DSS compliant vaulting solution that works alongside your payment gateways and our subscription billing software.

Because your cards are stored in the Billsby Vault, rather than your payment gateway, you can use multiple gateways and switch at any time as better rates become available.

Plus, if you ever want to leave Billsby, we can help you transfer all of your cards to any other PCI DSS compliant vault – you own your data.

You’ve never seen invoices this advanced

At Billsby, we believe an invoice is much more than just a PDF. In fact, you’ve never seen invoices as advanced as a Billsby invoice. We provide ways for customers to contact you with questions, space for advertisements, and one-click retry of failed payments from within the invoice page.

They’re invoices designed to reduce failed payments and increase customer satisfaction. And they’re like nothing you’ve seen before.

Then keep customers with options

Only with Billsby

Other billing platforms help your customers cancel, we help them stay

Subscription billing customers leave. It's an unfortunate and frustrating fact. But our advanced retention tools help explain why your customers are leaving, and give them options to stay:

  • Get customer leaving data
  • Showcase alternate plans
  • Offer discounts and promotions
  • Provide help and support
  • Enforce minimum terms

The best part? All of these features are available with no development using our drop-in code.

Embed account management with zero development

Billsby isn’t just about getting your customers subscribed, it’s about keeping them. Our best-in-class account management tools help customers to manage their own account, make changes to their settings and update their subscription without having to call or email you.

Build custom experiences with the Billsby API

If you’ve got something more bespoke in mind, the Billsby API lets you create your own account management experience – designed however you’d like and deeply integrated into your website and application. Anything you can do in our client applications, you can do with the Billsby API.

Advanced dunning journeys

When a payment fails, our advanced dunning tools help you to reduce churn and recover lost revenue – and you can configure every step and reattempt along the way.

Understand your and grow your business

All of your core metrics at your fingertips

The Billsby Dashboard has all the metrics you need to understand the performance of your subscription at a glance, and see what’s going up and down. From revenue to customer base to calculations like MRR and Churn, you’ll be able to see all of your data, and also how it’s tracking.

It’s one place to see everything you need to know.

Only with Billsby

Billsby Value Score helps you deeply understand your customers

With Billsby Value Score, you can more deeply understand your customers and their value to your business.

We'll automatically increase the value score of customers who pay on time, and decrease scores for late payment - but you can use our API or Zapier to add other business metrics too - like propensity to refer, or how often they contact customer service.

It's your secret weapon to improve profitability.

Only with Billsby

The Billsby Briefing keeps your whole business in the loop

Imagine waking up every day to all of the metrics you needed for your report, right in your inbox. Now imagine that everyone who needed the metrics just got them each day.

The Billsby Briefing has all of the core metrics your teams need in one place, and it hits email inboxes every morning at 8am. And because Billsby has unlimited user accounts, everyone in your organisation can sign up and get their own copy.

Advanced reports give you all the data you need

Ready to dive deeper? Our library of advanced reports give you all of the information you need to understand your business, including:

  • Activity summary – all of the financial data your accountant needs
  • Checkout performance – so you can see when customers don’t sign up, as well as when they do
  • Customer and subscription summaries – so you can see the change to your customers, subscriptions and revenue over time
  • Exit reasons – so when your customers leave, you’ll understand why
  • Product, plan and cycle performance – so you can see how your customer base is split
  • Tax summary – so you can see how much tax you’ve collected
  • Unpaid invoices – so you can track down debt that’s owing to your company in one place

Works with and all the tools you use

Keeping the books in order just got a whole lot easier

Whatever accounting software you use, our advanced integrations can help. Synchronising all of your invoices and credit notes in real time along with payment status helps you keep the books up-to-date, and reports help you reconcile the data in Billsby against both your payment gateway and accounting software.

Plus, integration with TaxJar simplifies your sales tax processing and payments across all fifty states and keeps pesky nexus laws at bay, and evidence for VAT exemptions in Europe is automatically stored and collated.

View all accounting integrations

Our power user promise - if you can do it in Billsby, you can do it in the API

Whether you want to build a custom checkout, integrate with your in-house CRM or add functionality we've not thought of yet for your administrators, the Billsby API has you covered.

Our API is comprehensive, well documented and easy to develop with and use. And sandbox environments let you try things out without worrying they'll impact your live customers. Plus, there's no time pressure to complete your integration - we don't have a limit on the length of our free trial. Go live when you're ready.

More about our API and webhooks

When your customers need help, have all the tools you need at your fingertips

Our customer service integrations empower your support and service teams with all the information they need to know about your customers and their subscriptions.

Some of our integrations go even further, helping you prioritise your workload by Billsby Value Score, or providing embedded automatic replies for common actions - like updating payment cards.

Whatever service tool you use, we want to make helping your users as easy as we can.

View all customer service integrations

When X then Y = Plan Actions

Our library of hundreds of plan actions lets you take action when things happen in your subscription billing platform.

For example, let's say you sell a smartwatch with a SIM card. Using Plan Actions, when the customer signs up, you can add them to your Mailchimp newsletter, turn on their SIM card with Jasper and add them to your CRM.

Then, when they fail to pay, you can immediately deactivate the SIM card and update your CRM. And if they cancel, you can reverse back all the actions you made at the start.

Learn more about plan actions

If our native integrations haven't got you covered, turn to Zapier

We've integrated Plan Actions with Zapier, which in turn is integrated with more than 1,500 apps.

And here's the best part - when you integrate with Zapier through Billsby, we get data on the tools you're using, so we can consider them for native integrations in the future.

Here's what you get with Billsby

Time limited free trials

We believe in the power of our platform, and we want you to have as much time as you’d like to try it for yourself – so you can keep your sandbox account forever, and we’ll even let you make $50,000 on us before you pay a cent in transaction fees.

Transaction fees that go up as your business grows

Our transaction fee is fixed at 0.8% – low enough to support the growth of your business, and high enough that we don’t need to lock features behind more expensive premium plans.

Expensive monthly minimum fees

We only want to make money when you make money – so there’s no monthly minimum fee to use Billsby, and our transaction fee is really competitive at just 0.8%. We do charge fees for some add-ons, but they’re completely optional – just pay for what your business needs to succeed.

Pushy sales calls

We believe in our product, so you can sign up for a free trial without speaking to a member of the team, and upgrade to a paid plan whenever you’re ready. We might call you to ask how things are going, but we’ll never make a call a condition of getting started or using the platform.

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