Building repeat business and turning customers into backstage pass holders.

Opening a new attraction during a global pandemic requires innovation and creative thinking. Shout! Edinburgh turned to Billsby to build repeat business and introduce predictable revenue for their business through a unique subscription offering.

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Discover the history of Scottish popular music and its impact across the world! Explore our interactive exhibits and gaze at our iconic memorabilia whilst we take you on a musical journey from the 50’s right up to the present day.

The Problem

Attractions like Shout! rely on a steady stream of tourists coming through the door to keep the lights on and pay the bills. But with cancelled festivals, low hotel occupancy and challenging market conditions, they wanted to find a way to encourage repeat business and bring new fans to their exhibit with a subscription program including barista coffees, discounted cocktails and the opportunity to explore the exhibit.

But as a tourist attraction, they didn't have the in-house technical knowhow or time to develop their own subscription management platform. They needed a way to get started without the up-front costs and delays of creating their own solution.

The Solution

Billsby enabled Shout! to get up and running quickly. Using features like in-life account management, backstage passholders could both sign-up and manage their account online without any development work required. And counter based allowances mean Shout! can keep track of how much coffee members have consumed, and how often they visit the bar.

Plus, because Billsby has no monthly fees and a generous free trial, Shout! could road test their backstage pass without having to find money up-front. Instead, they only pay for the value that Billsby delivers to their business.

The Results

Shout! were able to setup their backstage pass in one evening, and are now selling it to customers in Edinburgh to increase their local trade and repeat visits, helping to put this exciting new cultural destination on the map.


The ease in which you can set up an account and have it live is almost instantaneous. We went from signing up at 8pm to live, promoting and selling by 9pm!

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