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December 31, 2019

Why does customer retention matter?

Customer retention is crucial for all businesses, but it plays a particularly important role for subscription companies. When customers subscribe to a service, the aim shifts from selling a single product that provides pleasure or… Continue Reading

December 26, 2019

Explained: What is pro-rating and how can you use it in your subscription business?

When it comes to a business that’s part of the subscription economy, there are a variety of ways to bill your subscribers. You can arrange it as a flat fee, a tiered/levelled fee, add up… Continue Reading

December 24, 2019

Eight years on: Learnings from Adobe Creative Cloud

Today, many of us are familiar with the term subscription economy, but just a few years ago, this business model was much less high-profile. One of the most significant events in the growth of the… Continue Reading

December 19, 2019

Top tips for effective SaaS landing pages

Creating leads and generating traffic are challenges often faced within SaaS business management. There are several marketing techniques that can be used to try and reach out to interested parties and encourage web users to… Continue Reading

December 17, 2019

How to make your subscription box go viral

There is no denying that subscription box services have become incredibly popular across a number of different industries today, and this is a trend that is only growing and growing. In the past few years,… Continue Reading

December 12, 2019

Sales tax in the United States: Why is it so complicated?

In the United States, taxes are placed on the lease or sale of goods and services. To make matters complicated, there is no national sales tax. Instead, it is governed at the state level. This… Continue Reading

December 10, 2019

How much friction is too much in cancellation journeys?

When it comes to subscription services, one thing you never want a person to do is unsubscribe. However, you’re not going to be able to hold onto all of your customers forever. Determining how much… Continue Reading

December 5, 2019

(Subscribe to) read all about it

Subscriptions have become a vital part of the magazine and newspaper industry. Many larger brands today would not exist without this revenue option. Why have subscriptions become such a key focus for these sectors and… Continue Reading

December 3, 2019

Why do we subscribe?

Over the past seven years, there has been a boom in subscriptions. Part of the reason for this is that consumers want to subscribe now more than ever. Subscriptions aren’t a new concept. In some… Continue Reading