Collecting data from your subscription customers

Finding out more about your customers is a great way of establishing a happy customer base with low churn rates and fantastic targeted marketing campaigns. Knowing who your customers are, what they want and why they are subscribing to your product/service can be extremely valuable. When we get to know more about our customers, we can treat them as individuals and offer more personable service.

The best opportunity for you to collect customer information is at the point where your customer is signing up for your product or service. At this point, the customer will be keener to provide their information to enhance their experience. In this article, we will look at what information would be valuable to collect when you are signing up your customers.

The basics

Customer names, titles, email addresses, etc. When your customers sign up to a subscription billing service they may find the whole process slightly abstract. Therefore by being able to address them correctly, it can add to the personalization of the whole process. Direct marketing and personalized communications spawn from just having basic customer information.

Billing information

If you want to be able to charge your customers you’ll also need to collect their billing information such as card payment details and billing address. Making sure this information is correct and up to date will keep your support contact hours down and mean you’re always maximizing potential revenue.

Demographic builders

Getting to know your customers’ age or other demographic factors may unlock the ability to create more personal and appropriate marketing material. Your younger customers, for example, may reciprocate with more interactive forms of marketing.

Location information

Finding out information like “State” or “Country” will allow you to build a more detailed picture of your customer. With state or county, for example, you can create region-specific offers or promotions.

Service-specific data

Depending on your service, you might also want to collect service-specific information. For example, if you’re a gym, you might want to understand your client’s fitness goals – or a make-up subscription box might want to know your client’s skin tone, or what products they use the most.

This enables you to customize both your product offering and your customer communications.

Everything you need to know in one place

With Billsby Checkout, you can collect unlimited data with custom fields as part of the sign-up process, and update the data you’ve collected at any time as well as sharing it with your other tools and systems, making it really easy to connect with your customers and collect all the relevant information for marketing and service improvements.